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Sung Si Kyung - Every moment of you

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Sung Si Kyung's track «Every Moment of You» is a sublimely heart-stirring piece of aural bliss that evokes febrile emotions and adds a certain zephyr of cheerfulness to your life. Featuring enchanting melodic strains, in combination with Sung Si Kyung's mellifluous and sobering vocal delivery, this track is sure to take you to a blissful place.

The lyrics of this track are refreshingly candid, vivid and well-crafted, bringing a warmth and comforting sense of reciprocity that makes it an ideal theme ringtone to accompany life's blissful moments and most memorable occasions. Not only is the melody sublimely soulful, but it complements the subtle yet striking chord progression that builds to a climactic crescendo.

The entirety of Sung Si Kyung's track is an exquisite and luxurious listen, aurally enlivening and delightfully eupeptic, a ringtone that will have you captivated in its sublime rapture and engender feelings of amity, contentment and heart-pounding cheerfulness.

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