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Funiculi Funicula - Luciano Pavarotti

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The classic Italian Neapolitan tune, «Funiculi Funicula» as performed by maestro Luciano Pavarotti is indeed a rarity. It evokes one of the most illustrious and atmospheric musical motifs, that of the breathtakingly beautiful Vesuvian Peninsula. So lushly evocative is Pavarotti's rendition that it can bring out in the listener a sense of the balmy Italian summer night, a soulful respite to the agitations of day.

This stirring melody, swathed in somnolent tenors and twinkling pianos is even more paradisaical when heard in the form of a ringtone. Many a listener of this particular rendition may be found to have a sudden revival of spirit and perked up senses upon hearing it. Not to mention that it fills the air with the aura of Pavarotti's illustrious fame.

«Funiculi Funicula» brings forth an exotic aromatic of Italian lamia, and though so sung from afar transports one to the great and celebrated homeland of 'the three tenors'. Pavarotti's personalized and beloved interpretation is no mean feat, especially so when it affords such delight as a surprise burst of sunshine, and joyous melody, directly to your device. Truly, the ringtone of «Funiculi Funicula» is one to savor and blissfully revel in.

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