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Avenged Sevenfold - Dear God

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Avenged Sevenfold's 'Dear God' is a compelling and distinctively emotive tone that warrants the attention of any listener. Cognitively engaging, its non-conformist structure and ambitious instrumentation deliver an aural experience that is amplified by its beguiling meandering pace. Indeed, it's a ringtone truly befitting of the modern record-progressive age.

In spite of its imperfections, 'Dear God' is a delectable garland of masterful references, featuring a pleasing blend of languid electric guitars and gentle acoustic refrains. Underscored by a spell-binding vocal line that amplifies the sense of ethereal wonder, this much-loved track moves between dream-like sways and broader-reaching melodic arcs to captivating effect.

The capacity for 'Dear God' to resonate with the heart and soul of its listener is, perhaps, its most remarkable quality, and its enduring cultural impact is greatly testament to this fact. Rarely has a single track achieved a level of thematic complexity and emotive intensity with such an agile, vivacious spirit, and it therefore stands proudly amongst the greatest of releases.

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