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The Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil

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This unique and classic ringtone by «The Rolling Stones», provides a onomatopoeic humbling melange of jazzy guitar chords, adroitly accompanied by a pair of mundane drums and Ian Stewart's rolling boogie-woogie. Together they craft a mephitic rhythm, rhapsodically teasing open the ethereal depths of our consciousness and provoking us to think how something so raffish can nevertheless be so powerful.

The ecclesiastical vocals and the hypnotizing crunch of syncopated keys intone in a waltz that enraptures the soul to join in its devilish procession. With a flair of pagan quirkiness, the enthralling strings interweave and lure the listener along with a tempting wave of hornets, like an audio-visual smorgasbord that relentlessly mocks the doldrums of life.

Coupled with a primeval crescendo worthy of the Witch King, this ringtone is sure to arouse turbulent emotions, enabling us to find our own «Sympathy for the Devil». Sultry, sensuous and salacious, it will surely leave you in a state of enduring bliss.

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