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Michael Jackson - Beat It (Single Version)

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Rarely has a song both plugged the guitar twang of scene legend Eddie Van Halen and established Michael Jackson as a bonafide rock star, but the 1982 international hit single «Beat It» accomplished both feats. Its enduring popularity is a testament to Jackson's skillful blending of rock and pop elements, as well as its dynamic power.

One need not be a master musicologist to detect the catchiness of its oft-imitated solo riff and playfully boasting lyrics. Discerning ears can further appreciate the unique mix of thumping piano and percussion, brass accents and of course, Van Halen's mesmerizing licks.

In short, this unique ringtone offers a rollicking aural escapade for those who are beyond smitten by the King of Pop's mercurial brand of music. A true sonic treat to be savored again and again.

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