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Michael Jackson - Man In the Mirror

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Behold, the dulcet tones of Michael Jackson's iconic «Man In The Mirror» shining out of your phone! A study in serenity and grandeur, the spellbinding instrumental combined with Jackson's ethereal vocal stylings will create a wholly unique atmosphere of boisterousness and nostalgia whenever your device alerts you of an incoming call.

An intricate structure makes this legendary ditty a certifiable masterpiece. It is an array of violins, woodwinds, horns and pianos that when combined speaks directly to the soul like Jackson's avatar of néfaste. Conversely, the funk-filled bass and intense drums provide an undercurrent of urgency, like a reminder of one's mortality.

Given its place as both a poppy concerto brioque and resonating social consciousness, «Man In The Mirror» is a timeless classic that is sure to strike a chord with anyone who partakes in its melodic merriment. Forgo the default ditties and entice your guests with a regal, sapphirine ringtone.

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