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Electric Light Orchestra - Evil Woman

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The Electric Light Orchestra's «Evil Woman» proves to be an enjoyable auditory experience for modern audiences. Its mesmeric electronic-style sounds coalesce to form a beguiling audacious tone that can bring a sense of lightheartedness to even the most somber moments. The instrumental cadenzas give forth a voluble musicality that enraptures the listener, creating a space of luminosity and efortlessness.

The rhythm and tempo of the track steers through a range of both gentle and more vivacious turns. The vocal composition is perspicacious, as it dodges many of the esoteric trappings which plague some of the band's more enduring recordings. The production of the song is tasteful and crafty, maintaining an appropriate balance between the brash electricity of its instrumentation and the zealous energy of its composition.

When utilized as a ringtone, the electric light orchestra's «Evil Woman» proves to be a wonderful transition between engagements. It can provide a sense of alleviation from the tension of a prior conversation, or else give a salutary priming for the discussion to come — all with a upbeat yet insouciant elan.

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