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Iron Maiden - The Evil That Men Do

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As one might expect, the iconic British heavy metal band Iron Maiden's 1988 track 'The Evil That Men Do' is a monumental cold invocation of mankind's flawed design. Rarely have the ubiquitous darkness of man's behavior and whims been encapsulated in such a propulsive, ominous and rhythmic form.

Upon listening to 'The Evil That Men Do', one is immediately met with the thunderous and contagious snare work of Nicko McBrain, complemented by the intense, grungy bass of Steve Harris. This maleficent foundation of sound serves as the ominous costume for Bruce Dickinson's histrionic yet evocative vocal performance.

For those who have the stomach for it, the sonic creativity of 'The Evil That Men Do' serves as a unique and harrowing ringtone. Even if its message isn't alluring, the energy of its construction is sure to turn some heads and lift spirits. If a distinctive and urgent piece of music is what you seek, then Iron Maiden's 'The Evil That Men Do' is sure to captivate.

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