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Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast

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Iron Maiden's 'The Number Of The Beast' rings true even among modern-day pop culture. A spectacular paean to the power of heavy metal, this anthem of the eighties declares a devilish challenge to any hearer. The dense yet buoyant rhythm combined with the gruff yet impassioned singing of Bruce Dickinson crafts a truly enthralling experience.

The ultimate firestarter, 'The Number Of The Beast' brims with sinister audacity. An aggressively paced onslaught of stentorian guitars and thunderous drums, the song's instrumental core is replete with a vibrant and imposing wall of sound. This wall of sound combined with Dickinson's guttural rhythmical vocal delivery ensures raucous headbanging and riotous moshing.

This glorious cacophonous selection is the perfect accompaniment to any modern mobile device. Swelling riffs and McCartney-esque backing vocals illuminate the melody with melodically engaging motifs. There is a devilish power at the core of the song and your device that cuts through the quaint inertia of your standard ringtone choices. Boasting far greater fervency than any standard phone chime, 'The Number of The Beast' is sure to inject your incoming calls with a voracious urgency.

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