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Iron Maiden - Phantom Of The Opera

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The iconic sonorous masterpiece, Iron Maiden's 'Phantom of the Opera' is a lurid, rhapsodic and vigorous auditory experience. What establishes this particular melody apart from its contemporaries is its intricate, erudite and punctilious creation. The first booming bars that begin with consummate authority are supplemented by a tidal wave of zealous electric guitar riffs, propelling the listener into a quire of enthralling trills.

The splendidly melodramatic and pithy organ versions create a colourfully intense and sharp atonal terrain, providing an adept background anent which the classical building blocks of heavy metal music can be put into action. Eccentric and frenzied solos, ear-tingling percussion and powerful vocals blend together to create a thrilling and novel metric audile experience.

It would be remiss of any ardent music lover to not inundate their cacophonic smartphone with this euphony of soaring riffs, verve and enjoyable lyrics. With the 'Phantom of the Opera' ringtone one can fully engross oneself in an intricate maelstrom of clangorous aural pleasure that will leave one enamoured.

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