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Akon - Beautiful

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The vibrant tones of Akon's song, «Beautiful,» bring forth a poignant and cathartic musical experience. Subtly invoking emotion and creating a captivating soundscape, Akon's captivating ringtone is one of the most fine and rare offerings in the realm of digital meta-sound.

The melody lies somewhere between a medley of sounds and a pitch-perfect harmony. As the layered motifs come in and out of focus, the listener is invited to join in on the beguiling expression of this masterful soundscape. By combining upbeat and slower-paced synths and respites of unadulterated bass, these unique elements come together to form a production that ensures Akon's «Beautiful» is truly one of a kind.

The careful arranger of the track has created a sonic backdrop that is as startling as it is exquisite and as progressive as it is uplifting. By constructing a soundscape that is both ebbing and flowing, lengthy and concise, Akon has created a timeless piece of art that is certain to provide the perfect background for any mobile device.

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