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Akon - Bananza (Belly Dancer)

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The Akon classic, «Bananza (Belly Dancer),» is a real earworm. In this infectious track, the master of aural pleasure manages to capture the joys and delights of the exotic Eastern rhythms and melodies; it's entirely befitting of the occasions and events that accompaniment the exotically infused dance style. A true celebration of sound, Bananza (Belly Dancer) oozes with vibrantly lush and lushly sumptuous vibrancy, and is sure to captivate the listener.

When considering the titular dance style, one can't help but be enchanted by its entrancing premeditated movements. An ensemble of emotional arousal, and unfettered joy, Bananza (Belly Dancer) effortlessly imparts a profundity of both visual and auditory imagery. Akin to a tribal hymn, one almost feels drawn to partake in such enigmatic and joyous dancentures.

Radiantly winsome and buoyantly effervescent, Bananza (Belly Dancer) is a lushly entrancing and scintillatingly elated tune. Syncopated drums and exotic Eastern tones harmoniously coalesce, to create an alluring and exquisitely aromatic composition that is sure to leave any listener salivating for more. An alluring showcase of musical wonderment, Akon's Bananza (Belly Dancer) is sure to leave any music aficionado brimming with admiration.

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