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Akon - Be With You

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Akin to a reveille, the ever-gladdening Akon's 'Be With You' rings eminently, imbuing its listeners with a sentiment of vivacity and ardency. A song of reminiscence, 'Be With You' highlights the inclination to fantasize and yearn for a person that has faded away - a melody characterized by its buoyant refrains and merry rhythm. Resonating with a velleity to swathe its surrounds in a balmy atmosphere, the Vapid articulation of the song coupled with its serendipitous falsettos are melodious, reverberating into its listener's being. It is a ballad that, with its bespoke harmony, reiterates the ebullience of reconnecting with one's significant other - a sentiment as ineffaceable as the ringtone itself; 'Be With You'.

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