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Elvis Presley - Dont Be Cruel

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A piece of auditory brilliance, recorded by masterful vocalist and songwriter Elvis Presley in 1956, «Don't Be Cruel» is a beguiling ringtone choice. The song exemplifies the pioneer spirit of 1950s rock & roll, with a nuanced incorporation of traditional country and western sounds.

The simple, yet stirring lyrics make the song a timeless classic. To be sure, the refrain at the center of the tune is indicative of Presley's well-known wryness and subtle subversiveness: «High class, low class, no class, it's a crying shame.» This saucy suggestion of societal tension is imbued with an aura of charm through Presley's jubilant, playful performance.

The instrumentation of the song is also inimitable - from the swinging rhythm of the piano to the wailing notes of the guitar, «Don't Be Cruel» perfectly suits a wide range of moods. An uplifting, bouncy ringtone choice, it is sure to bring a smile to even the most vitiated of dispositions. Embody the energy of early rock & roll with this classic gem.

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