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Marvin Gaye - I Want You (Single Version)

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Marvin Gaye's «I Want You» is a delightful track that displays Gaye's unique brand of sassitude. The mid-tempoed single version exudes a soulful, hesychastic aura that foments an indubitable passion for the sultry, passionate lyrics.

The track begins with a pristine, suave single harmonic guitar backing, which sets the stage for Gaye's velvet triplet patterned, baritoned crooning. While the instrumentation remains consistent throughout the song, it never fails to sustain its elegiac rhythm, emerging in gorgeous crescendos when the chorus takes over, invigorating the soul in undeniable ways.

By the coda, the listener is left panting with an insuppressible itch to play the track all over again. While Gaye often has been lauded for his excogitative song-writing, «I Want You» embodies his masterful mixture of jazz and soul to a transcendent degree - and that makes it an unparalleled ringtone.

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