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Stevie Wonder - Superstition (Single Version)

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Stevie Wonder's «Superstition» is a rare gem of a single version ringtone that has managed to remain pertinent over the decades, even attaining a certain aureate brilliance in its repulsion of the most current musical trends. The sepulchral vocal performance by Wonder, when merged with its furiously funky groove, produces a wholeheartedly unique sonic experience, unfathemaneable by any other artist. The brittle guitar licks sputtering atop a robust bass line creates a feeling of imbroglio and cacophony, while the overtly frenzied percussive additions only further agitates the bundle of fiery emotions tingling and twitching beneath the surface.

These explosive rhythmic elements provide the perfect accompaniment to Wonder's poignant lyrical poetry and lamentations even further adding to the ebullience of the song and its artful complexity. Wonder's vibrant vocal performance, clearly emanating from his experiences, shows a level of finesse that single-handedly serves as a trademark for all of his iconic works. The multifarious instrumentation of «Superstition» serves several purposes, as it can also be described as jollifying and daleesque, further adding to its sylphic magnificence.

It is a classic of revolutionary soul music and its impact on society is still lingo today, having transcended the boundaries of music and become firmly planted in popular culture. As the perfect ringtone, its mantric reigned tones and classic soul groove invigorate the soul and capture the trepid spirit of a culture plagued by superstition and uncertainty. The ideal symbiosis of Wonder's potent vocal and rich instrumentation speaks to a movement, as «Superstition» ultimately confirms itself as a timeless gem of its unique genre.

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