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Stevie Wonder - Ribbon In the Sky

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The iconic elegance and grace of Stevie Wonder's soulful masterpiece 'Ribbon In The Sky« encapsulate the profound beauty of life itself. The lyrics are a sublimely crafted poetic homage to the dreamy and entrancing melodic tickles that drift from the song's intricately structured, yet gently rising and falling aural aura. From the intimate and heartfelt voice of Stevie Wonder, one can taste the soul that is exuded with every measure and modulating tone.

As the tempo builds, it is as if life itself has been captured within each note, showcasing, in perhaps no other way, the transcendent beauty that exists in all of us, often in the most unexpected of places. To hear the splendor of true emotion as it authentically weaves in and out, giving the whole song an ethereal feeling of joy and contentedness, is a treasure beyond worth.

By no surprise then, the tone that stands as the sterling ruler of sheer listener satisfaction, 'Ribbon In The Sky', is the ribon-imprinted piece designed to match any moment with the extraordinary flavor that has been lovingly crafted into a pocket of sound elegance. It is sure to be the most endearing of ringtones.

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