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Stevie Wonder - Superstition

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Stevie Wonder's »Superstition« is an iconic piece of electronic funk. Laden with a transcendent groovy sound, this timeless classic is a mélange of unique sounds from a diverse array of instruments, from drums, electric bass and clavinet, to Wonder's melodic vocalizations. Thus, when »Superstition« is set as the ringtone, it provides real cachet to its user.

For the uninitiated, the song begins with a distinct clavinet riff, soon joined by the audible electric bass line, both providing a central propulsion for this Odyssey. Overall, the trademark rhythmic interplay between the percussion and bass forms a vigorous portal to the harmonies ahead. Thus, »Superstition« ensures to make a great impression with both diehard fans and those less versed in the wonderous sounds of the funk-era alike.

A daring climax of horns and strings syncs up with the song's poppy metaphysical riffing. Each member of this ensemble works cohesively and indefatigably towards the final heartbeat for dazzling result. As such, any listener who settles for »Superstition« as a ringtone does so knowing that each of the auditory senses get brought to an ecstatic level.

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