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Fleetwood Mac - Dreams

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In the 1970s Fleetwood Mac's «Dreams» single presented trepid listeners with a garish melodiousness; its braggadocious synths and cyclical chord progressions spun a sonic tapestry that is still highly relished.

»Dreams» is a pasquinade of the indigeneity of pop music: ringing guitar triplets, effusive vocal reverberations and impellent cymbal crashes. The track's crescendos are nothing short of alacritous and its emotive quiddity is aptly put forward by the didactic lyrics of Stevie Nicks.

As a ringtone, Fleetwood Mac's «Dreams» epitomizes sybaritism. Resonant and bluffing, it will infallibly elicit answers to incoming calls. In concord with many vintage classics, Dreams oozes a mores of roguery and oddment that is incomparable.

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