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Gary Numan - Are Friends Electric?

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Are Friends Electric? by Gary Numan is a captivating and arresting audial experience. This mesmerising fusillade of hauntingly hedonic synthesis and percussive throes never fails to invoke both meditative respite and stimulant motivation. There's something truly transporting about the combination of warbling saxophone, surging toe-tapping rhythms and scintillating euphony toward the latter part that fuels the heart with a pithy combustible energy.

This quirky yet thavmotic contrivance oscillates between mellifluous measures and effervescent dynamism, fueling the mind and soul with a frisson of vibrancy and vim. Emanating from the fusion of deep, dreamy lyrics and uplifting, effervescent beats are a myriad of hues and tremors of love, life, dreams, soul and dreams and the most essential elements of the human experience.

A veritable melody that radiates both amicability and soul-stirring movements, this delectable ditty is sure to capture your soul and evoke an auric adventure of nocturnal sophistication. For the modern worldling, Are Friends Electric? is an ideal fabric to weave one's own personal multicolored tapestry of musings and wonder.

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