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Modjo - Lady (Hear Me Tonight)

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The humongous polyphony of Modjo's track 'Lady (Hear Me Tonight)' is enough to enthuse any auditory palette. Tethering itself upon the R&B tempo and electronic house stylings, this song emphasizes the reverberations of soulful vocals and electric pianos. The horns and the electric guitars tucked away behind the rhythm are audibly distinguishable, and they add an extra shimmer of post-modern facets.

The structure of this track is amiably beguiling. The drums propel a sizable part of the overall complexion, but they are split, then richened with other keyboard instruments, which offers the listener a brilliantly hedonic experience. The song opens up with the electric key combination soon followed by the vocals, which is an fragrant paradigm in the song-foundation.

To cap off, the combination of old and new, the melding of synth-pop into house, and the impeccable weaving of different generations of swing, is enough to make you reach for your phone in raptures - because this Modjo crop surely deserves to be a ringtone.

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