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Eric Clapton - Cocaine

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Instrumental music has become inextricably linked with Eric Clapton and his style laid down in the classic song 'Cocaine'. Iteration of Clapton's signature sound is evinced in this rousing rendition of the electrifying piece, the ringing tones lugubrious yet somehow lively, the layers of instruments coalescing together to formulate a potent tune.

Clapton's signature guitar artistry permeates the soul of 'Cocaine', a nuanced melding of notes radiating in a cacophony of harmonic virtuosity. Each note bringing out further facets of the sombre tone set by the prelude of the piece, the vernacular conformation of emotive elements which grips even the most stoic of listeners.

This ringtone is sure to bring a scintillation of Clapton's musical brilliance to any mobile device, a testament of his hallowed legacy, everywhere and anywhere you go. Dare we even dare to say it, it will almost be addictive.

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