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Eric Prydz - Opus

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In the musical landscape of the 21st century, it is not rare to come across a texture of sound that has both unique and subtle attributes. This is certainly the case for Swedish DJ and producer Eric Prydz's »Opus,« a soundscape of profound depth and emotive resonance. The ringing of this track is a pleasant intermezzo of both trilling melodies and pulsating beats.

The composition of »Opus« is a stimulating excursion to a heightened state of awareness; a stirring juxtaposition of different genres that strives to move the listener towards a transcendent place. Wispy synths coat a continuous bass line, while a sporadic chord progression crafts a playful foundation. What is remarkable is the ability of Prydz to accentuate the subtly unfolding elements of the track without overpowering one another; a captivating interlacement of high-pitched notes and murmuring harmonies.

One of the most fascinating qualities of »Opus« is its ability to make you feel both serene and saturated at the same time. It quiets even the most tumultuous minds, yet prods a powerful energy from within. It boasts a unique and unique ringing that is hard to come by and will leave those who hear it with a fulfilled sense of euphoria.

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