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Eric Clapton - Layla

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Eric Clapton's electrifying rendition of Layla is truly a musical delight. A masterwork of controlled chaos, this piece is sure to capture and captivate listeners. Layers of electric and acoustic guitars twist, rage and scream their way through every stanza, resulting in a unique and unparalleled auditory experience. Fervently paroxysmal rhythms tap and pirouette, yet keep an earnest, invigorating beat running throughout. The merest hint of jazz-inflected licks jump and spin while Clapton's signature bluesy riffs stand somber in the mix. This is a vital, if not quintessential, rock 'n' roll ringtone.

The oeuvre of Layla unfolds like a mystery novel. The verses undulate between gentle melodic strumming and powerful moments of furious fretwork. As vocalist Derek and the Dominos woven the story of a betrayed lover, the piece builds steadily through its several climactic sections. Here, an intricately balanced blend of sorrow, nostalgia and rocking revulsion come together to create one of the most emotionally wide-ranging sounds ever produced. It's an unmatched anthem, sure to cause one's toes to tap and heartstrings to swell simultaneously.

Layla, a musical tour de force, is an artful gem with an arresting complexion. Rich in musical meaning and transformative in power, this piece is a rare, bucolic creation that is sure to win you over with its lyrical enthrallment and high energy vibrancy. Without question, a fitting selection of ringtone.

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