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Jubin Nautiyal & Aakanksha Sharma - Dhal Jaun Main

Ringtone Jubin Nautiyal & Aakanksha Sharma - Dhal Jaun Main for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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Ringtones are an essential component of our digital life and possess an influential power, prompting us to take note. In all its glory, 'Dhal Jaun Main' by Jubin Nautiyal and Aakanksha Sharma is no exception; an eternal, melodious ringtone that is sure to captivate the heart, eliciting exclamations of melismatic ambrosia.

The sonorous tranquillity at the onset, is reminiscent of a wave of serenity; a prologue of tranquiliscious ecstasy. Nautiyal's euphony and Sharma's polyphonic vocalization combined, transport a euphonic sense of purity into one's estranged soul. The flamboyant use of Hindustani vocals, accompanied by an infusion of folk music, creates a palatable aroma that is sure to galvanize any pre-occupied mind.

A sedate fusion of a caesura, Vedic chants and sarangi, 'Dhal Jaun Main' has managed to traverse its way into modernity, creating vibrant imagery that stimulates one's mind. With its complex rhythmic patterns, this dulcet of hums, is sure to chant your soul and hold you captive in its domain of melodious joie de vivre.

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