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Enya - May It Be

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Mobile phone users search feverishly for their perfect ringtone. Some prefer the chaotic lamenting of their favorite pop tune; others enjoy the comforting familiarity of a classic film score. But they all understand that a good ringtone is more than just a pleasant melody. It's a reflection of their character, a call to action, and quite possibly a way to bring luck into their lives. So it is with no surprise that the legendary Enya classic «May It Be» should have such a devoted following of fans.

The lush soundscape of «May It Be» evokes a sense of mysterious awe in its listeners. Haunting melodies and classical orchestration permeate the air as if to conjure up an air of otherworldly mysticism. The song's main motif, originally composed by Howard Shore for the popular Lord of the Rings films, serves as a reminder of a collective struggle against dark times – a cue that can be bellowed through the speakers of mobile devices everywhere.

The spiritual aura of the track complements its significance as a symbol of personal resilience. By its very presence, «May It Be» stands to empower its listeners on their quest for success. Furthermore, the seductive electronic beats of the song can act as a suitable alert of potential danger, reinforcing the wisdom of the phrase 'whoever heeds the call will be blessed'. Finally, the song can make for a fitting soundtrack to adventurous endeavors, inspiring its users to travel to distant shores and explore the wonders of the world.

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