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Motorhead - Ace Of Spades

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Motorhead's iconic «Ace Of Spades» is a timeless classic that has become the ultimate anthem within the rock and metal communities. No other track embodies the spirit of an unyielding defiance more aptly than this iconic song. Fusing the enthralling power chords and thunderous basslines in Motorhead's signature style, the «Ace Of Spades» ringtone captures the potent energy of their music.

The heavy rhythmic emphases found in the chorus offer a versatile vibe with its versatility creating a truly unique sound. Yet, the distinctive lyrical themes of never surrendering and living life to its fullest remain as the cornerstone of this classic track. The ringtone likewise features solid lead guitar and vocal performances by Lemmy Kilmister that solidify the hear-tugging spirit of «Ace Of Spades».

No matter where you are or when you hear it, this classic masterpiece never fails to stir up emotion and make the listener get up and move. Moreover, the «Ace Of Spades» ringtone is the perfect way to remind you not to give up and carry on regardless of the circumstances. A perfect embodiment of the timeless Motorhead spirit, this ringtone is a must have for any true aficionado of rock and metal alike.

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