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Motorhead - Orgasmatron

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One could be forgiven for believing that Motorhead's «Orgasmatron» is the musical equivalent of a roaring engine. Indeed, the lead singer provides such a raucous performance that its cacophony might even be described as cacophonous. But beneath the ear-splitting sounds of electric guitar lies a masterful compositional structure that demonstrates remarkable control over indulgence. This single is a pulsating manifestation of the quintessential Motorhead aesthetic - unfettered excess that profligates through the eardrums as a total auditory experience.

The song's eponymous title implies an almost orgasmic experience for its listener. The tantalizing beats resonate throughout «Orgasmatron's» five-minute duration, propounding the characteristic Motorhead sound. With the song's incendiary guitar riffs and blaringly steadfast drums, the mesmeric lyrics serve to restore the listener's balance as the song progresses and disparate elements fuse together.

As a ringtone, «Orgasmatron» would be the ultimate aural testament to one's own sense of style. Its thunderous refrain and rousing anthem are certain to bring perspective to one's daily life; a reminder that, amidst the mundane, creative exploits remain possible and embraced. After all, it could be argued that this track is the very epitome of what it is to rock.

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