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Rancid - Ruby Soho

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Rancid's «Ruby Soho» is a musical masterpiece. Pulsing and propulsive, the song offers aural audacity that is nothing short of remorseless. Crafted with dexterousness and subtlety, «Ruby Soho» is a unique and innovative ringing aeon.

The tinny, trebly sound of the guitars provides an urgent backdrop to the song's pulsing base layers. Then, a sped-up punked-up version of a 1960's surf-style guitar lead line adds an aura of frenetic energy to the mélange. The interweaving of these three auditory layers creates a sonic explosion that supports and enhances the lyrics, particularly Tim Armstrong's abrasive, riveting vocal delivery.

Ultimately, the tone and theme of this rocking overture make it the perfect jaunty ringtone. The upbeat staccato riffs and bouncing rhythms will help galvanize your attention and keep even the most torpid phone user on their toes. For the apprehensive soul, «Ruby Soho» is the perfect cross between a zesty sure-alert and a cozened greeting to calls and messages.

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