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Motorhead - Overkill

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The timeless rhythm of Motorhead's 'Overkill' sits upon the irtrack of musical history as a cornerstone of musical genius. Its enthralling instrumental structure and striking lyrical nuances fill even the most stoic of listeners with elation, creating an unparalleled level of hypnodian rapture.

Such is the power of this seminal classic, the perfect union between cacophonous chaos and exquisite nuance. When one experiences the threefold performance of Lemmy and co., they are filled with a sudden fervour to let it ring.

The ringtone of 'Overkill' is sure to start any conversation with a spark. It's energetic, thrusting beat propels one's words forth with a kinetic fervency, drawing influence from its inquilinous predecessor. It's something that'll last beyond time, becoming a searing reminder of why Motorhead will never be forgotten.

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