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Robert Palmer - Addicted To Love

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The song Addicted To Love by Robert Palmer is an iconic example of the fusion of rock and pop music into a modern masterpiece. Its pulses of rhythmic guitars and sultry vocals speak to a generation of listeners seeking a sound both familiar and fresh.

For those inclined to appreciate its craftsmanship, the ringtone version of Addicted To Love provides an aural respite from the trite loops of other cell phone tunes. Its succulent layers of instrumentation, combined with Palmer's velvety croon, bob and weave around one another creating a dynamic listen even from a single sound bite.

A fun truism that comes with owning the ringtone for this tune is that the listener will undoubtedly find their phone humming air guitar solos far more often than normal. We've all been consumed by a passion for this song before and now, with Addicted To Love as your ringtone, that thrill can re-emerge in a wholly unexpected way.

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