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311 - Love Song

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311 is the ultimate love-song. It's not your run-of-the-mill, mainstream pop ballad. No, this is something different. It commands attention and shows off its crassness in the most exquisite and inviting way possible.

The verse entices you with its meandering progression, never available for more than a few seconds before it retreats. These short-blasts of sound help you focus in on the frame of boundaries that increasingly tighten, trapping the listener and generating an all-consuming desire to hear more.

Finally, the guitars strum along the orchestrated, interweaving melody that permeates the track. As the song swells to its inevitable climax, descending quickly back to the delicate and intricate instrumental flourishes that enhance the underlying rhythm section, it's clear why millions of people enjoy this; it's like a precious love-song that never gets old.

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