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The Temptations - My Girl

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My Girl is a unique ringtone for the selective individual, who desires an atmosphere of ebullience each time the device sounds. In this composition, The Temptations combine incongruent elements of doo-wop, Motown, and soulful crooning to the listener's pleasure. The signature backup vocals of Otis Williams, Paul Williams, Melvin Franklin and Elbridge «Al» Bryant imbue the piece with an initiate sense of charm, all the while offering reverberant texture and a synergetic unity.

Aptly featured at the track's heart is the indisputable lead vocal of David Ruffin, offering an invigorating theme any time the ringtone is heard. His natural but charismatic graces, lent to this signature track are as timelessly treasured now as when it was first heard in 1964. The iconic lyrics insist that, My Girl «is the only one who could ever reach, my heart», thus inextricably attaching itself to each user's heart who assigns it as their ringtone.

The Temptations' My Girl ringtone is enthralling and ubiquitously adored. Whether adrift in nostalgia or fully embraced in the current day, this ringtone bestows a jocular moment that is sure to evoke a frenetic smile each time the phone resounds. It will serve as a certified sonic oasis for any individual who assigns it.

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