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Madonna - Material Girl

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The evocative tones of Madonna's Material Girl soon become apperent, as the electronic cadences coalesce and pluck at both the heartstrings and the soul. The synthetic hue of the composition provides a stimulating backdrop for free-floating musings. It is the perfect ringtone for those determined to exercise a penchant for spectral beats and electrified aesthetics.

The disconcerting aural panorama of Madonna's tune is one imbued with a subtle regality, almost a brittle sonority. It bespeaks of a posh melange of frivolity, as it jaunts between resplendent outbursts of joy and just-as-resplendent despondency. Its juxtaposition of ilk and grotesqueness is compelling, and its character makes it an apt choice for one's ringtone.

Thanks to the intangibility of Madonna's Material Girl, this ringtone represents both the titillating promise of something new, and the isodic cadence of tomes of the past. It is ideal for those engrossed in both innervating synthesizers and steady instrumenatation. The song's uniqueness also augers well for those seeking an escape from the humdrum nature of ordinary ringtones.

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