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Bruce Springsteen - Jersey Girl

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Bruce Springsteen's enduring love song, 'Jersey Girl', is a truly unique ringtone choice. With the classic Springsteen sound and sweetest of lyrics, this melodious tone will transport you back to the gigs of the 80s, the unforgettable moments with friends, and the wide landscape of the Garden State. There is something about the homely familiarity of 'Jersey Girl' that sparks nostalgic reverie in the hearts of Jerseyans and everybody else alike.

The classic tempo of the song is infectious, with a folksy-rock style that is both catchy and heartwarming. Springsteen's melancholic yet comforting vocals will charm even the most stoic of listeners, as he sings about a love that will never be forgotten. It is the perfect balance to express the joys of nostalgia and the pains of remembrance à la Springsteen's unmistakable veteran melodramatic style.

Tapping on its resplendent strings and aching lyrics, 'Jersey Girl' will echo across your devices in even the most momentous of occasions. Yet, its tender harmonies will never overpower the emotions you are feeling as you bask in the memory of simpler times. With this ringtone, it's as if the «The Boss» is speaking directly to you, assuring you that no matter where you may be or how far away the future leads, home will always be in the Garden State you come from.

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