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Bruce Springsteen - Tougher Than The Rest

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If you are looking for a ringtone that is anything but mundane, but is still anthemic and fully encompasses the idea of 'the journey', then look no further than the rock anthem 'Tougher Than The Rest' by Bruce Springsteen. An uplifting, dynamic and inspiring song, this banger of a track will prove to be the ultimate motivator in whatever endeavour you may encounter, with its relentless and uncompromising chorus of 'tougher than the rest' enjoying a euphonious and robust output that will flabbergast anyone who hears it.

This smasher of a track artfully reassembles the classic crunch of a blues-rock endorsement with immersive and quantifiable lyrics, perfectly resemblant of the essence of hope, love and ambition that life can often bring. Unparalleled in its deracination of these concepts, this theme remains a leitmotif throughout the anthem, galvanising its sound and exiguous performance, which will no doubt be perceptible from almost any sonic location.

For a tune that promises to stipple your ears with a euphonious experience and to often act as a reminder that anything is achievable with the right tool– belt in hand, 'Tougher Than The Rest' should be your go– to ringtone for any situation. Providing a euphonious and emboldening sound, it is something that will burgeon your day with positivity and moxie.

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