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Bill Withers - Use Me

Ringtone Bill Withers - Use Me for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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Aural aficionados of Bill Withers's mellifluous sounds will relish in the vibrancy and jocundity of this ringtone. Uplifting instrumentation featuring the sparse yet insouciant guitar combined with the smooth vocals provided by Withers will not doubt palliate the listener of any impasse or vexation they may be suffering from.

Ah, the perfect remedy to any melancholic disposition - this classic soul rendition of 'Use Me' will allure even the most obstructive listener. Mesmeric boom bap rhythms stitched together with the finest of funkadelic funk will exonerate your phone from what otherwise may be an area of destitution: a banal, boring audio experience.

On the other hand, by introducing this pasquinade of a bill withers's classic, you will be graced by the sounds of old school soul laced with contemporary soulful energies. Those within the vicinity of your sameness, will undoubtedly rejoice and ensue a jocund celebration with the synonym of 'Use Me'!

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