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Bootsy Collins - Id Rather Be With You

Ringtone Bootsy Collins - Id Rather Be With You for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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The bootylicious grooves of Bootsy Collins' R&B classic, «I'd Rather Be With You,» yields auditory duress tenderly and succinctly. The arrangement invokes a burlesque edict of scandalous aural transport for you to relish in.

This provocative groover prominently features a bevy of funkified instrumentals compliments of an eight-piece instrumentalist lineup, led by Bill «Bootsy» Collins. His discombobulating swagger is interspersed between strident sing-along refrains and saxophone shenaniganry.

Truly, this audial masterpiece will pander confidently to your proclivity for funkalicious rump-shaking. Strictly dancefloor jams, vouched for by some of the most prodigious entrepreneurs of funk music, making is a blue-chip selection for your booty-bustin' ringtones.

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