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Tom Odell - Another Love

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Tom Odell's «Another Love» is a sublimely pithy ballad that evinces the fragility of earnest love. The softly strummed verses, which feature sparse guitar and piano chords, underpin Odell's quavering tenor, which wafts affably and famously in the tremulous chorus. This ringtone captures the idiosyncrasy of his sublime voicings as well as its ebullience, perfect for imparting a stroll down memory lane every time it alerting us of a text or call.

The glib vocal delivery creates a confidently rapturous sonic effect, expertly integrating the elements of classic pop's soulful sweep with a modern edge. Indeed, the moxie of Odell's warm timbre radiates throughout this masterful offering while the cadence and poetry of his rangy words provide its piquant charm. Those keen on availing themselves of this heartfelt ballad as his ringtone are sure to appreciate its calculated poignancy and unique flare.

In listening to this bracing track for our device's alert system, we not only become aquainted with its mesmerizing melodies, but its bittersweet message of enduring love that transcends seasons, eras and boundaries. If you're looking for your tone to evoke a sense of buoyant nostalgia, then «Another Love» from Tom Odell is sure to be your perfect pick.

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