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Tool - Schism

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The aural aura of Tool's 'Schism' is a balm to the mind and soul. Distinctively intricate and individually enthralling, its 5 minutes and 17 seconds is a timeless and rarefied piece that has artfully mastered the complex art of conveying feelings into visceral sound.

The oscillating, quintessential guitar and bass intro leaves one vibrant and invigorated, soon augmented by a plethora of percussion and ebbing drums. Its mystifying, spiraling guitar harmonics and an agonizingly cathartic, robust bass line envelopes the aura of the piece in rapturous rapture.

The choir-like vocals segue into an atmospheric breakdown and syllabic melodies, heightening this almost religious experience. An amazing amalgam of sorrow and serenity, Tool's 'Schism' is a sonic paroxysm that'll leave even the most stringent listener having the deepest craving for more.

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