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Genesis - Mama

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Mama, a 1987 soft rock song by the British rock band Genesis, is an exemplary auditory masterpiece. Its light, airy intonation is profoundly mesmerizing and its meaningful lyricism, unique to its genre, will keep one's pulse gyrating. The mélange of layered synthesizers, variable sonorities and effortless transitions in between conveys a sense of sanguinity and melancholy, while the steady drum beat and Phil Collins' vocal anchoring keeps the mutability of the track in check. Composed in a catchy obbligato style and it is likely to connect with any individual across various ages, cultures and backgrounds.

This vivacious, spellbinding song has achieved critical acclaim since its release. Its iconic chorus looks set to remain timeless. It won renowned accolades, such as the 1984 best original song for a film, way back in the days when it was part of the soundtrack for Mike Nichols' 1983 rom-com hit «Adventures in Baby Sitting».

Behold and rejoice of the magic of this abounding, melodramatic ballad. Make Mama your ringtone and have the refreshment of carefree, yet enervating transience in the palm of your hands, any time you are in need of it.

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