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Pizzera & Jaus - Mama

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The throaty and hallowed tones of Pizzera & Jaus's song, »Mama«, have reverberated through the air in a way incomparable to anything other. This molten-hot track, sublime and evocative in its lucidity, is reverential in its gestalt and aural paradigms.

Soft horns and brassy flights of pretentiousness coalesce around the essence of the song, giving rise to a mixture of instrumentation that is a veritable melange of esurience and beatitude. The entire ensemble is lent impact through the tenor vocals of Pizzera & Jaus, whose reverberation is verily and utterly transporting.

Even just a few piano notes and a modest solo guitar riff can be enough to saturate the soul with rapture and anticipation. No other ringtone could hope to generate the sensation of elation and grandiosity that »Mama« is able to provide. This is aurally satisfactory gold.

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