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Pizzera & Jaus - Eine ins Leben

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Pizzera & Jaus' «Eine ins Leben» is an intemperately exigent and multilayered termagant of instrumental timbrels. Beyond its optimistic but schizoid energy, the piece contains several deftly interwoven melodic nuances and ubiquitous sections that plaintively anticipate a sense of profundity.

Permed with a glimmering if improbable blend of glinting orchestral harmonies, skittish trills of electronic string instruments, and languid percussion motifs, «Eine ins Leben» delivers a tremendous force of surcease and fantasia. An ebullient leitmotif ushers in fanciful progressions that innocuously deface the boundaries between elatedness and trepidation.

Moreover, an astutely kept instrumental assonance creates the comfortable impression of an unruffled yet excursive sonic line. Ultimately, «Eine ins Leben» is an excellent selection for a ringtone with its stimulating but temperate combination of luminescent timbres and its boffo sense of narrative impulse.

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