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Depeche Mode - Policy of Truth (Remastered)

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This masterpiece of music, 'Policy of Truth' by perennial favorites Depeche Mode, captures the listener in its corset of pounding rhythm and infectious melody. As a previously unheard remastered version, it offers an insight into the nuances and subtlety of the production, demonstrating an evocative and obscure aural experience. A dynamic combination of synthetic and organic sounds, the singing voice of lead vocalist, Dave Gahan, is an integral part of the song. His iconic vocals dovetailing the beat and the music to create a glorious cacophony of devastation and joy.

The uplifting chorus of this track does not disappoint; seductive and mesmerizing, it induces a strange melancholic emotion in the listener. Unbounded drums and guitars play counterpoint to the emotion-infused lyrics and impart an anodyne texture to the mix. The layering of sound ingeniously builds a sonic crescendo with haunting yet powerful soundscapes; a soundscape which both invigorates and relaxes in equal measure.

The appeal of this song appeals to myriad tastes, with its emotive outpouring, its assured presence and restorative energy. Its persistent beat is almost hypnotic, luring one further into its resonate core and its melodic integrity. Whether to lighten the mood or to provide a grand statement in a more serious setting, 'Policy of Truth' is sure to provide an atmospheric backdrop to any occasion.

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