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From: Grease - Youre the One That I Want

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From the euphony of its resplendent melody, Grease's You're the One That I Want has charmed and captivated audiences worldwide for decades. Released in 1978 as a duet between on-screen heartthrobs John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, the song has since become a perennial classic and one of the most popular engagement ringtones of all time.

At its core, You're the One That I Want is a musical reflection of the joyous, panglossian exuberance typically associated with youthful romance. Utilizing a melodious amalgam of bright horns, bouncy keyboards, and buoyant guitars, its exuberant fervor has been known to soothe the hearts and souls of listeners everywhere. Its contagious singing, witty words, and slick percussion combine to create an exhilarating yet surprisingly buoyant atmosphere that belies its infectious rhythm.

For those of us who cannot resist a delightful love song, You're the One That I Want is the perfect selection for your special engagement ringtone. Its rapturous beauty, entrancing sounds, and uplifting lyrics will help to set the stage for the momentous occasion in which two hearts become one and the path to everlasting love begins.

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