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Dario G - Sunchyme

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The beguiling ringtone of 'Sunchyme' by Dario G is sure to tantalize and titillate the auditory synapses of every listener. Its atypically enthralling tones simply urge one to start trilling or swooning along to its mesmerizing melody. The virtuosity of the composer is readily discernable, as the spirit of the euphony slowly integrates with the very personality of the indulger.

The scintillating work of the composer imparts a feeling of truculence terpsichorean charm, while the listener is impelled to ingurgitate the invigoration offered, in the sylvan verses of the album. The urbane mix of the tribal drums, servile keyboards and alluring percussion makes for an aural delight, which can certain to assever unease and contentment all at the same time.

The sheer aplomb of the product is obvious, as it melds just the right amount of experimental and commercial music, to ensure that no listener remains unrivalled. Indeed, the end product is far more than the sum of its individual components, and serves as glaring evidence of the greatness of 'Sunchyme', and of Dario G and his artistry.

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