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Blackstreet - No Diggity

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Blackstreet's 1996 classic, «No Diggity» is truly an empyreal piece of music. With an incontestable ardor, the funk-infused beat and soulful crooning of Dr. Dre and Queen Pen provide the perfect soundscape for this platinum single. As your phone's ringtone, this piece of avant-gardism will be sure to entice those who stumble across it.

The lachrymose cadence invoking a mélange of emotions in its listener, the genius of this song easily transcends temporal boundaries. Notably, the soaring brass ensemble and sardonic lyrics perfectly accompany this iconic rap single. Droves of music connoisseurs are certain to appreciate the arrangement of this mollifying yet invigorating track.

As a ringtone, «No Diggity» elicits an undeniable cachet. For lovers of 90s music and the grandiose quality this jam brings, this choice is unimpeachable. Whether you have the funk-fusion of Bill Withers and Dr. Dre coursing through your veins or are just looking to jazz up your incoming call alerts, this timbre will undoubtedly enrapture its audience.

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