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Bill Withers & Grover Washington - Just the Two of Us

Ringtone Bill Withers & Grover Washington - Just the Two of Us for your phone or iPhone you can download for free!

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This ringtone is an excellent way to announce your impending arrival. A joyful sonic amalgam of Bill Withers' and Grover Washington Jr.'s remarkable voices, it's the perfect marriage between a punchy rhythm section and soulful sax to create an insidious groove. «Just The Two of Us» is the ideal epistrophe to the effect of two powerful musicians coming together to produce a sanguine and poignant sonic reverberation.

This dulcet and rhapsodic offering is no mere musical transmogrification, but quite the opposite. It's a resplendent marriage of musical erudition, robust and vivacious bottom-end, and sophisticated strums of a storied acoustic guitar. The result? A felicitous chorus of laidback horns, with more than a hint of adroitness that stands ready to announce both your presence and resplendence.

A ubiquitous joy then reverberates from «Just The Two of Us», a ringtone most befitting of your celebrity status, if such notoriety befits you. Let the world know that you have arrived in the most persuasive of musical tones, with a proclivity to leave others awestruck in its wake and with one thing to say, «Yes, it was all just one of those things.»

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