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Pearl Jam - Given To Fly

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In Pearl Jam's iconic track Given To Fly, one can find themselves amongst an immersive experience of stellar instrumentation and unparalleled vocal prowess.

It begins with a soothing, yet slightly discordant, accordion that paints an aural picture of the rolling plains and evergreen areas of the singer's home state of Washington. Steadily, the song builds up each individual instrument like a multi-faceted jigsaw, with each one seamlessly fitting together as a finished product of an auditory landscape that carefully toes the line between captivating melodic beauty, and a gorgeous yet unmistakably melancholic sine.

Venturing further into this sonic marvel, one can bask in the passionate storytelling done by Eddie Vedder's iconic vocals. His introspective lyrics act as a diary-like confession of emotional feelings, almost as if he's giving air to his inner world, while at the same time remaining frustratingly, yet divinely evocative. Thus, Pearl Jam's Given To Fly is an ode to loyalty, nostalgia, and growth that still continues to inspire many to this day.

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