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Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing

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The melodic acumen of Dire Straits' «Sultans of Swing» is positively magniloquent, offering a lulling levity that elicits an almost mesmeric state in its auditors. The opening guitars by Mark Knopfler, accompanied by the reverberating lead drums by Pick Withers, inculcate an unwavering tempo that ceaselessly permeates throughout the track. The top array of knitting harmonies artfully collaborate in a polyphony of color that is resonant, divine and redoubtable.

In the way of siren calls, the indelible lyrics of «Sultans of Swing» remain as a veritable standard of orienting in the realms of modern classic rock. Its aqueous progressions of strumming and its unassuming loathing of virtuosic flamboyance offers the perfect embodiment of rural Americana.

The undenied dynamism in this timeless track by Dire Straits has successfully claimed its iconic stature in the annals of music history, and is without contest the ideal selection for any hedonistic devotee of-the-eighties-esque rock 'n' roll. Opting in for it as your next ringtone is enough to invoke a refluent cacophony of electrifying boisterousness that galvanizes the spirit of proud audio enthusiasts.

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